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  • Preeti Shridhar

Chai Masala Cake

Nip in the air smells of festive season ahead. This is also the time one looks for spiced drinks and desserts .

Masala Chai gives utmost comfort.

What if I told you, you can have the same taste and comfort in a dessert aka cake.

Yes, you heard it right....Chai Masala Cake.

All the flavours of Chai Masala in a cake.

My Chai Masala Cake is infused with not overpowering but mild flavours of Chai Masala.

Do give it a try this festive season and share your feedback.

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APF 100 gms

Butter 90 gms

Sugar 75 gms

Eggs 2 large

Baking Powder 3/4 tsp

Salt 1/2 tsp

Vanilla Extract 1 tsp

Chai Spices

Cardamom 4

Cinnamon 2" piece

Cloves 4

Peppercorn 1/4 tsp

Ginger powder 1/2 tsp

Fennel seeds 1/4 tsp

Star Anise 1

Nutmeg 1/8 tsp

Milk 80 ml


  1. Grind the spices coarsely.

  2. Simmer in milk till reduced to half.

  3. Cover and let the milk reat for atleast an hour so that it absorbs all the flavours from the spices.

  4. Strain the milk just before adding to the batter .

  5. Press the spices against the strainer to extract every drop of milks and the flavours.

  6. Reduced milk should be 40 ml.

  7. If it's less top it up with plain milk.

  8. Beat butter and sugar till light and fluffy.

  9. Add the eggs one by one and beat well after each addition.

  10. Now add in vanilla extract.

  11. Sieve the dry ingredients.

  12. Add the dry ingrediens in 3 batches alternately with spiced milk.

  13. The first and last addition has to be dry ingredients.

  14. Mix lightly with a spatula.

  15. The batter should not be very thick, if so add a tbsp of milk.

  16. Pour the batter in a 6" round tin , greased and lined with parchment paper.

  17. Bake in a preheated oven at 170 degrees Celsius for 30-35 minutes.

  18. Keep an eye after 25 minutes.

  19. Do a skewer test to check doneness.

  20. Skewer should come out clean.

  21. Let it cool in the tin for 10 minutes.

  22. Then invert it on a wire rack and let it cool completely before you cut it.


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