Gobhi ghee roast

April 28, 2018

Since I saw so many people loving this recipe I was quite intrigued and was compelled to try it.
The twist is that I am a vegetarian so I decided to make it with cauliflower.
I have halved the recipe. Used 250 gms cauliflower florets. I have followed the recipe exactly except for small changes. I have used very little pepper. Secondly I added tamarind pulp only after cauliflower was done. I also added a couple of tablespoon of water while grinding the paste and also while cooking it.
So presenting my Cauliflower ghee roast. Trust me it is to die for. Next time I will try this recipe with baby potatoes.
Thank you Prima and Atul for such a wonderful recipe. My house is smelling heavenly because of star anise.



Gobhi                           250 gms
Ghee                             3 tbsp
Onion                           2 medium sliced
Curry Leaves              1 sprig
Onion                          1 sliced and fried for garnish



Mustard oil                  1tbsp

Ghee Roast Masala    1tbsp

Ginger paste               1/2 tbsp heaped 

Garlic  paste                1/2 tbsp heaped

Onion                           1 small roasted and pulverised

Tamrind paste              1 tbsp

Salt                              1/2 tsp 


  1. Mix all the ingredients mentioned under Marinade. Now marinate gobhi in the above made paste  for 1 hour.

  2. Heat ghee  in a pan. 

  3. Add  curry leaves and chopped onions.  Once onions  soften add in the marinated gobhi.

  4. Cover and cook on low heat until just done. Take care not to over cook the gobhi.

  5. Sprinkle water from time to time if needed.

  6. Garnish with fried onions and serve hot.




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