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  • Preeti Shridhar

Bahar E Baingan (Aubergine in onion gravy)

Baingan are my all time favourite. I love them in any and every form. Especially in winters when you you get real juicy, sweet and seedless ones.

This recipe I chanced upon in a food group that I follow. I tried it with little apprehension but when I tasted it , it blew my mind away.

I made a few changes to suit my palate. You must use bharte wala bainganbut choose medium sized ones so that you dont get very large slices.

You must give it a try, and I assure you , that you wont be disappointed.

The original recipe asks to fry the baingan but since baingans absorb lot of oil , I decided to saute them on a non stick girdle on a low flame.

You can choose between frying and sauteying.


Baingan 2 medium sized

Oil 1 tbsp + oil for sauteying

Turmeric pd. 1/4 tsp

Red chili pd. 1/2 tsp

Coriander pd. 1 tsp

Cumin pd. 1 tsp

Sugar 1 tsp

Juice of half a lemon

Salt to taste

Thick Yogurt 2 tbsp

Milk 1/2 cup

Water 1/4 cup


Onions 2 large

Garlic 6 cloves

Ginger 2" piece

Green chilli 1


Wash and dry the baingans. Cut thick roundels.

Brush the slices with oil and saute them on a hot girdle.

Make a fine paste of the ingredients mentioned under paste. Use little water if needed.

Heat a tbsp of oil in a pan. Fry the paste on low heat till raw smell of onions disappears and oil floats on top.

Sprinkle water from time to time to avoid the paste from sticking to the bottom of the pan. Now add turmeric pd, chilli pd, coriander pd and cumin pd. Mix well. Sprinkle some water. Fry for a minute stirring all the while.

Add yogurt and stir vigorously to avoid it from curdling. Cook for two minutes.

Now add milk and water. Keep stirring till it comes to a boil.

Add salt, sugar, lemon juice and Garam masala. Lower the heat, cover and cook till oil floats on top. Keep it aside.

At the time of serving : heat the gravy, add the fried baingan pieces, cover and cook for a couple of minutes. Sprinkle water if the need be.

Taste and adjust seasoning. Carefully remove to a serving platter.

Garnish with Chopped coriander.

Serve hot with Indian bread of your choice.


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