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  • Preeti Shridhar

Almond Chocolate Spread aka Almond Nutella

When @pure_martindia sent me Almonds, I knew immediately what I would make first. I used to use Nutella a lot in my baking but once I moved towards healthy options in baking I stopped using it. Almond Chocolate Spread, that I have made has raw unrefined sugar, cocoa powder and a very small quantity of light olive oil. If you have a very powerful food processor, you may not need the oil at all. A healthy spread for the kids and adults alike.

Ingredients Almonds 150 gms Cocoa Pd 4 tbsp Sugar 1/2 cup powdered Olive oil 2 tbsp Method

  1. Roast almond in a heavy bottom pan on a very slow heat.

  2. Let them cool completely.

  3. Now chop them fine.

  4. Now grind them in a food processor till they release oil and become a lumpy mass.

  5. Be patient, this will take sometime.

  6. Now add in sugar and cocoa powder.

  7. Mix well.

  8. If it is not of spreadable consistency, add light olive oil and blend well.

  9. Remove it in a glass bottle.

  10. Use it as a spread on toast, with paratha or as filling for cookies.

Product Review : Almonds that I got from @pure_martindia are of superior quality. The oil content in them seems pretty high compared to whatever Almonds I have used till now. Would definitely recommend @pure_martindia almond. You can buy them at Thank you @Puremartindia, @muddypuddleconsultingservices @kirtiyadav and #KukClean for giving me this opportunity.

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