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  • Preeti Shridhar

Cucumber Plum Salad

In this heat and humidity salads are God send. I made a quick salad today with Cucumber, carrot and plum with some seeds, nuts and raisins.

Raisins are my new found love in salads.

I like the way they cut the tartness of the dressing.


Cucumber.          1 very small

Carrot.                1 very small

Plum.                  1

Baby spinach      8-10 leaves

Raisins.               1 tbsp

Sesame seeds      1 tsp

Walnuts               1 tbsp


EVOO.                1 tsp

Lemon juice        1 tsp

Pepper pd.           1/8 tsp

Salt                      1/2 tsp

Mint leaves          2


  1. Wash and peel carrot and Cucumber.

  2. Chop cucumber into very small cubes.

  3. Using a peeler peel thick strips of carrot. Now cut them into small pieces.

  4. Cut plum also into small pieces.

  5. Mix Cucumber, carrot, Plum and raisins and keep it in the fridge.

  6. The juices from the salad will help the raisins to plump up.

  7. Roast walnuts and Sesame seeds.

  8. Wash baby spinach and pat dry.

  9. Mix the dressing ingredients with a whisk .

To plate:

  1. Arrange baby spinach.

  2. Arrange the Cucumber mix on top.

  3. Pour the dressing and toss lightly.  Sprinkle walnuts and Sesame seeds.

  4. Garnish with mint leaves and serve immediately.


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