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Shrikhand is a yogurt based dessert from the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. It is infused with saffron and cardamom. Probably the easiest dessert to make. Typically white sugar is used in this dessert. I have used Raw Sugar. Sometimes I also make it using jaggery powder .

It is often part of Gujarati or Maharashtrian Thali in restaurants. People enjoy it with Puri also.

It can be safely eaten during fasts. It's nutritive and filling.

The only thing to keep in mind while making Shrikhand is that your Hung curd should be quite stiff. It will loosen up once you add sugar. So if it's loose to begin with it will become quite liquidy on adding sugar.

It's always better to use curd made from whole milk.


Hung Curd 500 gms

Raw Sugar 1 1/4 cup

Milk 1/4 cup

Saffron 1/4 tsp

Cardamom Powder 1 tsp

Chopped pistachio 2 tbsp

Chopped Almonds 2 tbsp


  1. Soak saffron in 2 tbsp warm milk for 30 minutes.

  2. If your sugar is large granuled, powder it.

  3. Mix in 1 cup sugar , cardamom powder ,and hung curd.

  4. Rub the saffron and add it to the above mixture.

  5. Now whisk the mixture using a hand mixer, till light and fluffy.

  6. If the curd seems very thick, slowly add the milk to get soft but not loose consistency.

  7. Taste and add more sugar if needed.

  8. Mix in half the nuts.

  9. Chill it for a few hours before serving.

  10. Garnish with remaining chopped pistachio and almonds before serving.


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