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  • Preeti Shridhar

Pumpkin Soup

First published on March 10th 2019, Edited on Dec. 10th 2020 , changed the picture

As you all know my son is visiting home after a long time, I am preparing all his favorite dishes. The other day he asked me whether I could make pumpkin soup. So here it is. He tasted it and said oh! It's so authentic. I did a happy dance. I have used extra virgin olive oil as it really enhances the taste of the soup. You can also use light olive oil. Most people add milk or cream to this soup but I never felt the need to do so as I find it creamy enough. Secondly I don't want to dilute the taste of pumpkin. I love my homemade buns to mop up this thick soup. It's really a soul satisfying experience.

Ingredients Red Pumpkin 1 kg Garlic 1 bulb small Salt to taste Pepper pd to taste Olive oil to drizzle Water or stock. as required Tempering Olive oil 1 tbsp Basil leaves 10 Garlic 6 cloves sliced finely Method.

  1. Wash and peel pumpkin. Also wash the garlic bulb.

  2. Cut pumpkin into 2" cubes.

  3. Place the cubes on a parchment lined baking tray along with garlic bulb.

  4. Coat lightly with olive oil and salt.

  5. Roast in a preheated oven at 200 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes.

  6. Check with a knife to see if they are done.

  7. Once cool, peel the garlic bulb.

  8. Puree the pumpkin and garlic.

  9. Heat one tbsp olive oil in a deep sauce pan, fry basil leaves and sliced garlic until crisp. Remove them on a plate.

  10. Also fry the pumpkin seeds. Remove them on the same plate.

  11. In the same pan pour the puree.

  12. Add water to get the desired consistency.

  13. Add salt and pepper pd to taste.

  14. Serve it piping hot.

  15. Garnish each bowl with crispy fried basil leaves, garlic chips and pumpkin seeds.

  16. Drizzle some olive oil .

  17. Enjoy with bread.


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