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Aamrakhand (Mango Shrikhand)

The king of fruits...Mango, has arrived in its full glory. Different sizes, shapes and hues of yellow to lure one and all.

Mango is such a versatile fruit that it tastes good on its own as well as when used to create desserts or savories.

Aamrakhand is a take on classic Shrikhand. This is an easy peasy but super yummm dessert. All you need is hung curd , some jaggery powder and mango pulp.

The taste of Aamrakhand depends largely on the quality of mangoes used.

Quantity of jaggery powder used would also depend on how sweet your mangoes are.

So add little, taste and add more.

Curd made from full cream milk gives better results. Hang the curd overnight to get really stiff curd. To avoid the curd from going very sour, it's best to hang it in the fridge.

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I am part of a blogger group on Facebook

"Shhh Cooking Secretly Challenge".

This is a fun group, where every month a theme is given by one member...then all the members are divided into groups of two. Now these two partners give each other two secret ingredients based on the theme. Then each member prepares a dish using these two secret ingredients and posts the pic on the group without naming the dish. Others are asked to guess the ingredients. It's so much fun. You are challenged to create something new. You interact with so many members and make some wonderful friends.

This month's theme "Mango Mania " was proposed by Mayuri Patel, a very talented blogger. She blogs at Mayuri's Jikoni. Her Strawberry Lemon Shortcakes are in my bucket list.

My partner for this month is Priya Vijaykrishnan who blogs at Sweet Spicy Tasty. Priya gave me the secret ingredients jaggery and pistachio. I made Aamrakhand using these. While she rustled up Beach Sundal using the secret ingredients Oil and Green chilli.


Hung Curd 200 gms

Mango pulp 150 gms

Jaggery powder100 gms

Almond flakes. 1 tbsp

Pistachio flakes 1 tbsp


  1. Make sure your curd is really stiff as it will loosen up quite a bit on adding mango pulp

  2. Use good quality mangoes and make pulp without water.

  3. Whisk hung curd to get a smooth homogeneous mixture.

  4. Add mango pulp and half the amount of jaggery mentioned.

  5. Mix well.

  6. Taste and add more jaggery, if needed.

  7. Quantity of jaggery depends on how sweet the mangoes are and how sweet you like your amrakhand.

  8. Serve it chilled , garnished with almond and pistachio flakes.


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