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  • Preeti Shridhar

Mango Ice Cream

Before the mangoes disappear from the market let's make mango ice cream. I have been meaning to post this recipe for a long time but some how could never click pictures .It used to get over so fast. Today morning I clicked a pic before announcing to the family that I have made ice-cream. You need just three ingredients. It's eggless yet very creamy. Homemade Mango  Ice-cream  has a very tantalizing flavor . One bite and you know the difference between homemade and store bought. Oh boy!! That strong essence spoils all the fun.

I have used Amul cream. Please don't use whipping cream if you want real taste of ice-cream. Keep the cream in the fridge overnight. Chill the bowl and the whisks also before you start beating the cream.

Use the best quality mangoes. While pureeing them don't use water at all.

Whip it a couple of times when it's half set to avoid  icicles in the ice cream.


Fresh cream   200 gms

Condensed milk 100 gms

Mango puree  200  gms.


  1. Beat cream till its really thick.

  2. Add in condensed milk and beat again.

  3. Fold in  mango puree into the cream mixture.

  4. Taste and add more condensed milk if you find it less sweet.

  5. Now freeze it for four to five hours.

  6. Beat it well.

  7. Repeat the process again after four to five hours.

  8. Now freeze it overnight.

  9. Serve it next morning with a sprig of mint.


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