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Strawberry Yogurt Popsicles

Summers have already hit us in a big way. The heat is unbearable. The pandemic has also grown to scary heights. Even kids are not spared this time. It's difficult to keep kids occupied at home. To beat the heat and to keep kids distracted, these healthy Popsicles will come handy. These Strawberry and Yogurt Popsicles are an absolute delight. The best part is, these don't contain white sugar. A guilt free treat!!

The trick to avoid icicles is to use liquid sugar.

My brother had recently gifted me a bottle of Organic Maple Syrup. I was itching to use it in some new recipe and then this theme was announced. To my surprise my buddy gave me Maple Syrup as one of the secret ingredient. You can easily replace Maple Syrup with honey. Since honey is sweeter than Maple Syrup ,you may need a little less. So start with lesser quantity and taste and add more. Mine are mildly sweet so adjust the sweetness as per your taste.

I have divided the popsicle into two parts to add more drama to them. Lower part is only strawberry and maple syrup , where as the top portion is yogurt, strawberry and maple syrup. But you can make just one color. Mix all the strawberry paste into Yogurt.

Its best to use frozen fruits while making popsicles. I always freeze strawberry during the season to use them later during the year.

I recently joined a group on Facebook "Shh Cooking Secretly Challenge".

This is a fun group, where every month a theme is given by one member...then all the members are divided into groups of two. Now these two buddies give each other two secret ingredients based on the theme. Then each member prepares a dish using these two secret ingredients and posts the pic on the group. Others are asked to guess the ingredients. It's so much fun. You are challenged to create something new. You interact with so many members and make some wonderful friends.

This month's theme is Frozen Treats given by @Pavani Gunikuntla.

Her blog has a mix of recipes from traditional Indian to international cuisine. I loved her Dates and Sesame seeds Ladoo. A healthy treat to satisfy my sweet tooth. It has become a regular at my place.

My partner for the theme is @Poonam Bachhav.

I am actually in awe of Poonam's photography. I loved her recipe Tomato Chutney.

I liked her addition of peanuts in the chutney. This was something new for me.

Based on the theme "Frozen Treats", Poonam gave me Yogurt and Maple Syrup as secret ingredients, while I gave her Strawberry and Watermelon. She has come up with these beautiful, colorful Healthy Fruit Popsicles.

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Popsicles - Recipe

Gives 5 .

To make 100 gms of hung curd :

Line a colander with cheese cloth. Place the colander over a deep bowl.

Keep 250 gms of curd on the cheese cloth and cover it.

Keep this contraption overnight in the fridge.

Next morning you can use hung curd.


Frozen Strawberry 100 gms

Hung Curd 100 gms

Maple Syrup 2+3 tbsp


  1. Blend chopped strawberries with 2 tbsp of Maple Syrup.

  2. Whisk hung curd with 2 tbsp of Maple Syrup, till no lumps are there..

  3. Add a spoon of Strawberry paste in each popsicle mould.

  4. Mix rest of the strawberry paste with hung curd.

  5. Taste and add more Maple Syrup if needed.

  6. Now pour this into the prepared moulds over the strawberry paste.

  7. Close the moulds and freeze overnight.

  8. Enjoy next day with your family.


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