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  • Preeti Shridhar

Vanilla Ice Cream

When the sun is scorching , you look for refreshing drinks or frozen treats. Nothing beats Homemade Ice Cream. These are preservative free made with pure ingredients.

My no Churn Ice Cream recipe is perfect as it's egg free and doesn't require and Ice Cream machine.

You should beat the ice cream thrice before you finally freeze it. This will help in breaking down all the icicles and give a very smooth texture to the ice Cream.

I have used homemade condensed milk but you can use store bought also.

Please use pure Vanilla Extract or Vanilla Bean. Do not use essence. This is the base ,you can add flavors of your choice. Some of the flavors that you can try : Cocoa powder to make chocolate ice cream : 1 tbsp or more to get that rich dark color/you can also add melted chocolate Coffee pd to make coffee ice cream : 2tbsp , can also add 3-4 tbsp Baileys. Mango pulp to make mango ice cream ( purée the mangoes without water) Liqueur of your choice. Can also add choco chips. Salted Caramel There are endless choices. Get creative. You can check these ice cream recipes here


Amul fresh cream 375 gms Sweetened condensed milk. 175 gms Honey. 50 gms Salt a pinch Vanilla extract. 1 tsp


  1. Chill the bowl, beater and the cream for a few hours.

  2. Beat the cream till it feels fluffy.

  3. Add Honey, condensed milk, salt and vanilla extract.

  4. Beat well.

  5. Cover with a cling film and freeze for 3-4 hours.

  6. Remove from the freezer and beat again.

  7. Cover and freeze again.

  8. Repeat the above process two more times.

  9. Now pour the contents in the container in which you want to freeze the Ice Cream.

  10. Cover with a cling film, them close the container and freeze overnight.

  11. Enjoy with friends and family.

  12. Serving suggestions

  13. Top it with fruits like mango or Lychee

  14. Top it with roasted chopped nuts and chochochips.

  15. Top it with chocolate Syrup.


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